Advantage Sweden

Sweden faces major challenges. Challenges that a world class business climate can resolve. Read all about it in the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise's shared value document ”Advantage Sweden”.

  • Razor-sharp international competition. Every year, millions of people enter the global economy. This brings both opportunities and challenges.
  • Internationally, investment levels in Sweden are low, which undermines our future competitiveness.
  • Far too many people of working age are not employed. More people need to work if we are to maintain our prosperity in the future.
  • The population pyramid in Sweden is skewed. After 2010, and for the next 20 years, the number of people aged over 80 will be increasing faster than the number of people of working age. The care burden is growing.
  • The proportion of entrepreneurs in Sweden is too low compared to other countries and compared to the situation historically. we need more people to start and run companies.