6 steps for Europe - The Priorities of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise for Sweden's EU Presidency 2009

As from July 1, Sweden will take over the Presidency in the EU. It will take place during a decisive period for EU, both politically and economically. The challenges are many. A new Treaty which may enter into force late in the autumn, a new incoming European Parliament and, possibly, a new Commission, will have an impact on what can be achieved. Important issues are on the agenda, such as the Lisbon Strategy for growth and jobs, which enters its final phase, and climate change, with a successful conclusion of the UN Conference in Copenhagen in December as a natural focus. And it will take place against the backdrop of a deepening financial and economic crisis.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise believes that focusing on the role of companies and the business climate is key to a successful EU-Presidency and wishes to highlight six areas that we believe should be given priority.

The six priorities aims to strengthen European competitiveness. With these issues in focus during the Swedish Presidency of EU, we can get a starting point for a Europe of sustainable competitiveness and prosperity.