Decision usefulness explored - An investigation of capital market actors´ use of financial reports

Decision usefulness_omslag

Perceptions of a significant financial reporting problem have triggered a number of initiatives to reform financial statement presentation and disclosure requirements. However, these initiatives have been undertaken in a setting where there are disparate understandings of the problem which is to be addressed. Somewhat paradoxically, current presentation and disclosure practices are characterized by some as giving rise to information overload, while others argue that the problem is rather one of information inadequacy.

In the report “Decision usefulness explored”, Anja Hjelström, Tomas Hjelström and Ebba Sjögren, researchers in accounting at the Stockholm School of Economics, present findings from 40 in-depth interviews with experienced users about their use of specific financial reports. The interviewees include buy-side as well as sell-side actors, and equity as well as credit side actors