Getting it right should be easy - entrepreneurs and working environment inspectors on current working environment regulations

REPORT Published

A sound working environment is important for companies. It pays dividends in the long term. It makes it easier to compete for staff and improves employee productivity.

Businesses want to create a good working environment, and basically want to comply with the regulations. But compliance is made difficult by inaccessible and complex rules and regulations. Small businesses in particular often see the regulations as onerous.

Compliance should be easy, but that is not the case at present. For this very reason, the regulatory system for the working environment area must be reformed.

Simplifying working environment rules and regulations is a major priority for the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. To establish a firm foundation for this work, we have asked Synovate to carry out a survey among 400 entrepreneurs and 20 working environment inspectors to establish their views on the working environment regulations. This report contains the results of the survey, as well as our conclusions and proposals.