SEMINAR / MEETING Region: Brussels

Welcome to a world governed by algorithms-Come and meet the future-Digitalization and artificial intelligence in practice

This is not another discussion about the promises and challenges with artificial intelligence. Here, we dive nose first into the daily life of businesses whose operations are being transformed by digital technology and whose innovative products will be key in solving big societal challenges for the coming years. After this afternoon, you will understand how industries and your life have been changed by AI and digitalization. You will understand how AI increases customer benefit / patient benefit, quality but also profitability.
There is a world of opportunities to be seized, and European businesses are not waiting on the sidelines. Join us for a fascinating afternoon where companies showcase the future as it is playing out today; in Retail, Education, Agriculture, Logistics and Healthcare.
This is an event organized by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise where entrepreneurs, business representatives, policymakers, politicians and other stakeholders meet and get inspired!

Date and time

  • Wednesday 28 November 2018, kl. 14:30 – 17:00