The Globalisation of Swedish Economy

REPORT Published

Not so long ago, power over Swedish economy was embodied by a handful of people. An important part of the conceptions surrounding the ”Swedish model” was that the future development of the Swedish economy was to be a result of negotiations between these men and the leaders of the political and trade union branches of the Labour Movement. This conception was certainly exaggerated, but it contained a grain of truth.

Over the course of the last two to three decades, the basis for this old Swedish model of negotiation has changed radically. The most important change is globalisation, which leads to the strategic decisions on the future of a company to an ever greater extent being taken against the backdrop of a global perspective.

Sweden is one of the countries in which the trend towards increased globalisation of recent years has been strongest. The aim with this treatise is to shed light on the main features of this change, seen from a Swedish perspective.