Almerud, Mikaela

Higher Education Policy Specialist

Amri, Tarek

Insurance consultant

Andersson, Gunnel

Property Manager

Andersson, Linus

Insurance consultant

Andersson, Pär

Negotiations and Insurance Specialist

Atthoff, Karin

Deputy Director, EU Affairs

Backarp, Monika

Insurance consultant

Backle, Ingvar

Negotiations and Insurance Specialist

Beckman, Magnus

Project Manager

Beckman, Niklas

Labour lawyer

Bengtsson, Christer

Senior Advisor - Education, Research & Innovation

Bengtsson, Sophia

Deputy Director EU Affairs

Berg, Amelie

Senior legal Advisor

Berggren, Eva

Project Manager

Berggren, Jonas

Head International Affairs

Bergkvist, Teresa

Regional Head Dalarna

Bergman, Mårten

Director Infrastructure policy

Bergsten, Anna

Senior legal advisor

Bergström, Niklas

Senior Policy Adviser, EU and International Affairs

Bernhardsen, Mia

Education policy manager - Adult vocational education and training

Bildstein-Hagberg, Sofia

Financial reporting specialist

Björk, Tommy

Project Manager

Blomberg, Åsa

Insurance consultant

Blomquist, Ann-Catrin

Meetings and Events Manager

Brinnen, Ola

Labour law specialist

Britz, Johan

Head of Strategic Communication

Brånby, Carolina

Director, Digital policy

Bröms, Annika

Regional Head Stockholm

Bäck, Catharina

Negotiations and Insurance Specialist

Carlsson, Martina

Assistant to the General Director

Centrén, Carina

Regional manager Blekinge

Cronstedt, Maja

Project Manager

Dalqvist, Anna

Editor in chief Entreprenör and

Davidsson, Pia

Head of Finance

Edholm, Lena

Secretary Tax Department and Economics

Ekenger, Karin

Labour Market Specialist

Ekeroth, Helena

HR Specialist

Elmér, Rolf

Regional Head Malmö

Englund, Ann-Christin

Production manager

Eriksson, Isabelle

Operations specialist

Erixon, Olof

Director Trade policy

Falk, Chatarina

Administrative assistant

Fall, Johan

Head Tax Policy Department

Flink, Linda

Advisor Energy and Climate Policies

Folkesson, Karina

Regional Head Umeå/Skellefteå

Forsman, Marcus

Legal Specialist Taxation

Franchell, Hedvig

Project Manager

Fransson, Eilon

Regional Head County of Kalmar and Kronoberg

Fredholm, Anna

Head of Facility Management and Security.

Fredriksson, Ida

Project coordinator

Frisk, Eva

Deputy Regional Head Malmö

Frostell, Karin

Assistant to the Deputy Director General

Frykhammar, Kjell

Project Manager

Frölander Mattsson, Karin

Administrative assistant

Gidehag, Robert


Gidhagen, Hans

Negotiations and Insurance Specialist

Gillek, Anna

Regional Head Västra Götalands county

Gobena, Elina

Coordinator/project manager

Grunditz, Elisabeth

Project Manager

Grén, Göran

Director Competition Law

Gunnarson, Per

Operations Architect

Gustafsson, Maria

Buyer, IT and Telephony Services

Görnerup, Emil

Research and Innovation Policy Specialist

Haak, Gabriella

Supplier Manager

Hamilton, Edward

Labour market and negotiation services specialist

Hammarstedt, Claes

Senior Advisor International Tax Policy

Hansson, Olov

Insurance consultant

Hausel Heldahl, Ellen

Director Public Procurment Law

Hedensjö Johansson, Anna

Regional Head Sundsvall

Hedström, Jens

Head of Brussels Office

Hellenius, Richard

Senior advisor

Henriksson, Pär

Head of Political Analysis and Strategy

Holm, Mari

Head of Communication, Svenskt Näringsliv Insurance Information

Holmström, Anna-Lena

Regional Head Uppsala

Hulterström, Karl

Regional Head Örebro

Häussling, Eva

Senior Policy Advisor Trade & Investment Promotion International Affairs

Janson, Christina

Operations specialist

Jeppsson, Gunilla

Project Manager

Jeppsson, Peter

Deputy Director General

Jivmark, Eva

Senior Adviser SME policies

Johansson, Anna

Administrative assistant

Johansson, Kristian

Deputy Regional Head Västra Götaland

Johansson, Lars Göran

Deputy Director General

Järking, Niklas

Car and Garage Manager.

Karlsson, Ellen


Karlsson Håål, Edel

Specialist, Wage Formation and Gender Equality

Karlsson, Patrik

Labour Market Specialist

Krantz, Tobias

Head of Policy for Education, Research, and Innovation

Krassén, Patrick

Research, innovation and IPR policy manager

Lagefjäll, Thomas

Insurance consultant

Lahed, Kristin

Regional Head Västerås

Langby, Amelie

Project Manager

Larsson, Joacim

Operations specialist

Laurent, Birgitta

Director Public Procurment Law

Lefever, Valérie

Office Manager Brussels Office

Lemne, Carola

Director General

Levin, Anders

Insurance consultant

Levin, Mattias

Controller Communication & Opinion

Lindblom, Peter

Systems developer

Lindfelt, Carina

Department Head Labour Market & Negotiation Services

Lindgren, Björn

Regional Head Södermanland

Lindgren, Mattias

Web Strategist

Lindström, Pontus

Project Manager

Lowemark, Sara

Deputy Head EU and International Cooperation

Lund, Emma

Trainee Brussels Office

Lundbäck, Mattias

Expert on contracts and regulation

Lundqvist, Pär

Specialist Labour Market and Negotiation Services

Lyck, Anna

Insurance consultant

Netterlid, Carola

Deputy Regional Head Malmö

Norberg, Claes

Director of Accountancy

Nordberg, Helena

Fixed Income Manager

Nordström, Jan-Olov

Regional Head Luleå

Norén, Göran

Head of Industrial Policy

Nylund, Olle

Deputy Regional Head

Olsson, Johan

Education Policy Specialist

Ortbrink, Malin

Systems administration Tellus

Oxhammar, Björn

Head of Finance

Peterson, Pernilla

Head of Human Resources

Petterson, Lotta

Regional Head Gävle

Rezania, Farbod

Senior Advisor, Labour market

Riksén, Christina

Project Manager

Rudberg, Marie

Administrative Director

Rudeberg, Sverker

Employer cooperation specialist.

Rydberg, Christina

Insurance consultant

Rydhem, Martin

Insurance consultant

Rönn, Johan

Communications expert

Rönnfjord, Johnny

Deputy Regional Head Kronoberg and Kalmar Counties

Sandberg, Elisabeth

Manages regional operations

Schéle, Charlotte

Acting Regional Head Halmstad

Sirsjö, Anneli

Regional coordinator

Siwe, Hans-Olof

Insurance consultant

Sjöström, Sofia

Deputy Regional Head

Skälstad, Fredric

School Policy Specialist

Skår, Nicklas

Director Regulatory Affairs

Smedberg, Elisabet

Accounting associate

Spector, Torbjörn

Tax Lawyer, Senior Advisor.

Stafsing, Linda

Trainee Brussels Office

Stiernstrand, Jenny

Project Manager

Strömdahl, Inger

Director Environmental Policies

Ståhle, Sophie

Deputy Regional Head Malmö

Sunér Fleming, Maria

Head of Unit Energy, Infrastructure and Environment

Svanberg, Urban

Regional Head Karlstad

Svidén, Henrik

Managing News Editor

Söderström, Mona

Insurance consultant

Thorburn, Robert

Project Manager

Toftegaard, Ola

Regional Head Östersund

Tärnström, Carl-Erik

Insurance consultant

Udden, Kristina

Administrative assistant

af Ugglas, Caroline

Deputy Director General

Utbult, Julia

Insurance consultant

Uvenfeldt, Louise

Acting Regional Head Halmstad

Åkerman, Kirsten

Regional Head Gotland

Östberg, Johan

Deputy Department Head

Östlund, Carola

Operations specialist

Östlund, Christer

Local business climate manager

Östlund, Dorota

Head of Marketing