Backle, Ingvar

Negotiations and Insurance Specialist

Beckman, Niklas

Senior Legal Advisor

Berg, Amelie

Senior legal Advisor

Berggren, Jonas

Chief Analyst International and EU Affairs

Berglund, Ingrid

Advisor Trade Policy

Bergman, Mårten

Director Infrastructure policy

Bergsten, Anna

Senior legal advisor

Bildstein-Hagberg, Sofia

Financial reporting specialist

Blomberg, Åsa

Insurance consultant

Braconier, Per

Project Manager

Brinnen, Ola

Labour law specialist

Britz, Johan

Head of Policy Coordination and Political Strategy

Brånby, Carolina

Director, Digital policy

Bröms, Annika

Director SME policies

Bäck, Catharina

Negotiations and Insurance Specialist

Edholm, Anders

International Director, Head of EU Office

Edholm, Lena

Secretary Tax Department and Economics

Ekenger, Karin

Labour Market Specialist

Ekeroth, Helena

HR Specialist

Eriksson, Isabelle

Operations specialist

Erixon, Olof

Senior legal counsel

Falk, Chatarina

Administrative assistant

Fall, Johan

Head Tax Policy Department

Franchell, Hedvig


Fredriksson, Malin

Insurance consultant

Frostell, Karin

PA to Caroline af Ugglas and Anna Stellinger

Frykhammar, Kjell

Project Manager

Frölander Mattsson, Karin

Administrative assistant

Gidehag, Robert


Gidhagen, Hans

Senior Advisor in Pensions

Gillek, Anna

Regional Head Jönköping county

Grén, Göran

Director Head of Business Policy and Law Division

Gustafsson, Johan

Regional manager

Gustafsson, Maria

Administration IT

Görnerup, Emil

Research and Innovation Policy Adviser

Lagefjäll, Thomas

Insurance consultant

Lahed, Kristin

Regional Head Västerås

Langby, Amelie

Adviser to the Director General

Laurent, Birgitta

Director Public Procurment Law

Lefever, Valérie

Office Manager Brussels Office

Levin, Anders

Insurance consultant

Lindfelt, Carina

Department Head Labour Market & Negotiation Services

Lindgren, Mattias

Product owner and Web Strategist

Lowemark, Sara

Deputy Head EU and International Cooperation

Lundbäck, Mattias

Expert on contracts and regulation

Lundqvist, Pär

Specialist Labour Market and Negotiation Services

Lyck, Anna

Insurance consultant

Lönn, Robert

Tax lawyer, Senior Adviser

Pedersen, Anna

Head of Facility Management and Security.

Petterson, Lotta

Regional Head Gävle

Rehnberg, Anders

Policy Advisor on EU Affairs

Rezania, Farbod

Senior Advisor, Labour market

Riese Andersson, Sophie

Insurance consultant

Riksén, Christina

Project Manager

Rudberg, Marie

Administrative Director

Ryberg, Kristian

Deputy Regional Head Halland

Rydhem, Martin

Insurance consultant

Rönn, Johan

Communications expert

Rönnfjord, Johnny

Kronoberg and Kalmar Counties

Åkerman, Kirsten

Head of the regional office in Gotland

Östberg, Johan

Deputy Department Head

Östlund, Christer

Director Better Regulation

Östlund, Dorota

Marketing Manager Products